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Car rental

Do you really want to enjoy
your vacation on Curacao,
then you definitely need a car.
There is a bus stop in front of our door
but the bus will only take you to Willemstad
and not to the beaches and other beautiful places.

Our rental cars.

Our own rental cars are slightly older Suzuki Grand Vitaras. Both the 3- and 5-doors, have a manual gearing and have A/C.

* Don't leave value stuff in the car.
* Don't park the car if you see glass on the ground.
* Straight Through traffic has always priority. Unless otherwise indicated.
* Roundabouts have different priority rules. Pay attention to the signs.
* Don't park the car at dark places.
* You will not be able to use your phone at most of the off-road places.
* Remember our cars are off-road models but no amphibious vehicles.

Rental car via Sunny Drive and Dive

Do you want a younger car with less mileage on the counter?
Or would you prefer an automatic gearing?
Then you can go to Sunny Drive and Dive . If you rent a car from them, it will be delivered here free of charge before your arrival.

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